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      Date: Dec 14, 2011
     Title: Waterjet Cutting - What makes us different?
What makes us different?

The very name Control Waterjet Cutting is a clue to what we do, and we have been operating under this name for the past 3 decades. Waterjet cutting is in our blood and creating products to your specification, in our nature. We have spent years building on our reputation, our service to customers and our standards. We like to think we know our customer well enough to know what they need, and of course, what they want to pay. But it’s not just about the right product at the right price; we know that the right product is of no use if it doesn’t arrive on time. Key to our success has also been the ability to facilitate smaller runs of parts. Not everyone needs a thousand profiles cutting. Prototype work and lower quantity production help you achieve what you require.

A few words from our Sales Director, Ian Macpherson.

Control Waterjet have built their growing reputation by talking and most importantly listening to our customers needs. Through cutting either high volume production runs or samples and prototypes. We will apply the same approach to the importance of supplying the goods to a high quality and on time.

With our continued growth, Control Waterjet has made investments in both the sales and production departments to ensure we continue to offer the high service that the industry demands. As part of this, if you would like to discuss your requirements face to face, please let us know and we will arrange a visit. Our telephone number is 01246 284000 or email

Regards, Ian