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Control Waterjet Cutting - Benefits

More accurate then plasma or flame

Waterjet cutting is more accurate than flame or plasma cutting – saving you money in reducing wasted material.

More accurate than plasma cutting or flame cutting. Our Waterjet cutter has a beam (Jet width( of only 1.2mm, allowing you to nest parts as close as 2mm. Less material loss means less material wasted saving you money.

Waterjet Cutting allows nesting of parts - reducing material wastage

Compared to machining, waterjet cutting is a faster and less wasteful process as no more material than necessary is removed during the cutting process.

No heat affected zones

Waterjet cutting leaves no heat affected zones – saving you time and cost on secondary finishing processes.

There are no heat affected zones as with laser cutting, this reduces or eliminates secondary cleaning operations. Also, there are no restrictions on hole size.

Waterjet cutting requires no tooling to produce the cut – saving you time and money.

Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process, that means no distortion or edge hardening. The cut is clean with no contamination.

Waterjet cutters have few restrictions on hole size – reducing expensive secondary machining operations and saving you money.

It is even possible to cut polished and reflective materials and intricate details are possible without additional machining costs.

To see an image of the different edge cuts, please click HERE.

Control Waterjet Cutting provide professional engineering services including waterjet cutting, drilling, tapping, milling, folding, bending, polishing and powder coating services to clients in the precision engineering, aerospace, marine, automative and architectural industries. We specialise in the sub contract cutting of aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass, titanium, hardox, tantalum, plastics, rubber and wood. Waterjet cutting is a more cost effective alternative to laser and plasma cutting of metals and other materials. Quality waterjet cutting services for clients in Derbyshire and throughout the UK

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